Plus-Size Fashion by Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy solves her fashion dilemma.

Melissa McCarthy, 41, just finds it so hard to find something that would fit her. The last straw was the recent Emmy Awards where after fitting so many gowns, she had to design one for herself with the help of designer Daniella Pearl.

So instead of getting bugged by what to wear again, Melissa solves this problem by designing her own line of fashionable and fab finds for the plus-sized woman. Plus size clothing are really in-demand nowadays because gone were the days where heavyweight women just kept their figure in baggy clothes. Now they want to be stylish and be able to feel good with themselves in nice clothes that were designed for them.

Thankfully, the Melissa McCarthy plus-size clotheswill just add to the fab finds that bigger women have been waiting for a long time.

Bridesmaids poster
Melissa McCarthy has been very busy after appearing in the movie, Bridesmaids.

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One thought on “Plus-Size Fashion by Melissa McCarthy”

  1. I love her since I saw her at Gilmore Girls…she’s very funny!

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